Apple Messages
for Business

Make it easy for millions of Apple Users to communicate with your dealership instantly and grow your business.

Reach millions
of Apple Users
In one tap, Apple Users can start a chat with your dealership in the Apple Messages app. It’s right there ready to go - no download required.
Bring your showroom
to the Messages app
Enable Apple Users to view inventory easily from the native Messages app on Apple devices, ask vehicle related questions and conveniently book a test drive.
Schedule Service Appointments
Save time and grow your fixed ops revenue. With Apple Messages for Business, your customers can schedule their service appointments right in chat.
Re-engage with customers at any time
Get customers back in the deal and activate your funnel. Your connection with customers is active until they choose to delete the conversation.
Monitor and track progress
Our GLive reporting dashboard captures your Apple Messages for Business conversations, leads and conversions so you can view results and compare them across all Gubagoo products.

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