Gubagoo's responsive design works brilliantly across both desktop and mobile platforms. Our modern and flat interface enhances the look and feel of your website across all platforms, and dynamic customization allows for infinite color combinations to match the native look and feel of your website.

Our products are designed with a common ideology...

To harness the power of behavioral marketing and greatly improve conversion results!

  • B.E.A.S.T Behavioral Engagement and Scoring tags, tracks and scores each unique visitor on your website. By learning the behavior and click patterns of your users, the BE.A.S.T algorithm can identify first-time visitors from low funnel serious shoppers, and engage and interact with them differently using live chat, publisher+ and inventory+. The result is more conversion and higher quality leads!
    • Tracking and scoring over 12 million unique visitors per month
    • Set engagement triggers and proactive chat requests based on unique B.E.A.S.T. score
    • Engage your most serious shoppers with targeted and relevant offers
    • Improve lead quality and conversion
  • ChatSmart is Gubagoo's Behavioral Live Chat software integrated with the B.E.A.S.T to profile all visitors to your website. Target your most serious and active web visitors and engage them with live chat requests. Whether you want to self-manage chats, or use Gubagoo’s 24/7 chat professionals, ChatSmart has a myriad of tools at your fingertips to increase conversion and lead quality.
    • Behavioral intelligence improves conversion and chat lead quality
    • Behavioral data appended leads to improve lead follow-up
    • Native to your website to ensure user stays on your site
    • Add inventory+ to push vehicle pictures right in the chat window
    • Chat-to-lead conversion of up to 74%
  • Monitor+ is our 24/7/365 chat support service. Let Gubagoo’s highly trained chat professionals handle your chats so you can focus on what you do best – selling cars. We are experts in automotive chat, using the B.E.A.S.T to increase conversion and generate higher quality leads than the other guys.
    • 24/7 support from U.S. based operators
    • All chat managed in-house to ensure highest level of chat quality
    • Behavioral intelligence improves conversion and chat lead quality
    • Add inventory+ to push vehicles pictures right in the chat window
    • Chat-to-lead conversion of up to 74%
  • Publisher+ uses the B.E.A.S.T to trigger and publish real-time targeted and relevant offers to your visitors. The B.E.A.S.T algorithm analyzes past and real-time click patterns to publish targeted offers based on unique user behavior. Add more leads than just chat with Publisher+.
    • 24/7 targeting with relevant offers based on unique behavior
    • Gubagoo’s in-house art department provides turn key creative and implementation
    • Highlight aged inventory or factory incentives to boost lead conversion on your site
  • Gubagoo’s Inventory Integration allows our chat professionals to search your inventory based on year, make, model, price or stock # and push pictures of your vehicles right in the chat window. Actually put a chat customer into a vehicle right in the chat window and book a test drive!
    • Dramatically improves lead quality and appointment setting ratio
    • Works brilliantly on mobile devices and traditional desktop chats
    • Improves response time and reduces bounce rates
    • Provides outstanding customer experience
  • Gubagoo’s brand new TextNow feature allows your customers to communicate with your dealership via SMS. Open a new communication channel to your dealership by allowing customers to conveniently text with you.
    • Double-opt in for strict regulatory compliance
    • Seamlessly move chat from desktop to SMS in mid-conversation for customers on-the-go
    • Open another channel of communication for your customers
  • Gubagoo’s backend reporting tool is as slick as our chat interface. Full and robust reporting allows you to see exactly how your Gubagoo Chat and Publisher tools are performing in real-time.
    • Enterprise reporting for dealer groups to view multiple stores in one view
    • Easy to use, intuitive interface
    • Customize and export reports


Gubagoo is the leader in "On-Site" Behavioral Targeting with 24/7 Live Chat monitoring. We make anonymous web traffic identifiable.