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Load Speed Matters!

Nov 102015

Most dealers have clued into the fact that Google is smart, and that it considers a handful of factors when serving up organic search results to a user. Dealers also know that search ranking matters…big time. According to a study conducted by Search Engine Watch, the #1 search result averages 32.5% of post-search clicks, with that number dropping precipitously as links move down in the rankings. Being on the first page of Google’s search results generates 91.5% of clicks. Of course, some of this may be due to the fact that the #1 ranking was the website the user was actually searching for. Nonetheless, it is understood that a higher search ranking equates to more quality traffic.

So what are the factors that affect ranking? The truth is it’s always changing dependent on the whim of the benevolent and omnipotent Google. According to Google, “search result rankings are based on hundreds of factors designed to provide end-users with helpful, accurate search results…webmasters can improve the rank of their sites by creating high-quality sites that users will want to use”. Okay, that’s sort of helpful. One of the factors that Google considers is page speed – the measurement of how fast the content of a website loads. Faster is better, not only for Google rankings but also conversion. Faster sites both rank and convert better according to the SEO mavens over at Moz, who can provide you with valuable strategies to improve your load speed.

Now let’s get to the point. Most dealer webpages are slow. Really slow. To be fair, Dealership websites are commonly media-heavy, with lots of images, videos, third party scripts, tracking requests and more, hindering their load speed. The point is this: Dealers need to monitor their website load speed and hold their vendors accountable. You can easily check your load speed at Google Page Speed Insights. Just enter your dealership’s URL and Google will tell you how its algorithms rank your site in the load speed category. You will get an overall ranking for both desktop and mobile, and Google will even suggest strategies to improve your ranking. Google will give you two categories for scripts on your website - (1) “Should Fix” and (2) “Consider Fixing” - and recommend methods to remedy the issues. It is not your job as a dealer to understand everything on the report, it is your vendors’.

I am not suggesting that dealers take the Google Page Speed report as gospel, and it’s certainly not the determinative factor in your search ranking. It is simply one element that Google considers. Some of these issues may not be curable even by the most advanced vendors/technology, but it is your trusted vendors’ responsibility to discuss the report with transparency and accountability, and to explore which strategies can be implemented to improve load speed.

So head over to Google Page Speed Insights, check out your score, and have an open dialog with your website, live chat or other applicable vendors on how to improve your website load speed.

Short Story: The Baller Vs The Competitor

Jul 272015


Three Dealerships-one midpoints, one survives and one with NickName-"the Baller"- The significant merchant, the one not dead but rather alive in a scholarly sense.  I like to call him “The Competitor”.

On occasion, the other merchant's would wonder how "The Competitor" has the capacity to close at a much higher rate.

You see, leads were numerous for all the merchants, however one Dealer would get what they referred to as “better quality leads”.

Maybe there was something they didn't think of, like, the fact that “The Competitors” leads were being specifically targeted due to innovating products offered by-Gubagoo.

The back-story? One day, the “The Competitor" simply felt a need to increase his dealership’s conversion rate, so he chose to run with his gut, eager to notice that his instinct was right in driving him to Gubagoo!

“The Competitor", beyond satisfied with his experience, realized the word must spread!

Sitting tight for the moral of the story?

Well clearly, when taking a glance at numbers like an additional 20-30 extra automobiles sold a month, “The Competitors”,  primary concern or bottom line was a no brainer.

He simply realized that at Gubagoo, they understand the upsides of merchants working together for an even more enriching customer experience and profitable funds.

At last, “The Competitor” sums up his experience with, " Truth be told, numbers don't lie so go with Gubagoo-The brains behind the operation”.

Vehicle Matching-The Intelligent Conversation

Jul 272015


Vehicle matching provided by Gubagoo is aiming to convert website visitors into more effective leads by making dealership websites more intelligent. Using its predictive technology to analyze a visitor’s click patterns, Vehicle Matching automatically aligns the right cars/offers/pricing to the visitor’s vehicle choices instantly.

“In many ways, this is for dealerships and their inventory — because Vehicle Matching knows the right vehicles to match with what each website visitor wants — 24/7 and in real time,” said Brad Title, CEO of Gubagoo Inc. “It is much easier to build a good relationship when you know what someone really wants — and that is what Vehicle Matching does.

Interacting with relevance is now made possible with vehicle matching. And the fact that this tool is available 24/7 on a dealerships website, conversion rates increase by plenty.

“We track and analyze every inventory click and decode the URLs so we can build dynamic profiles on each unique visitor and engage via all channels, including chat, publishing, sharing. Vehicle Matching is all about converting website visitors to leads, and leads to sales – all by making dealership websites more intelligent! And as that intelligence grows, so do conversion rates.”

Other dealerships have already seen the results of VM for themselves. Savannah Toyota for example tells us that:

“Vehicle Matching has been a game-changer for our website because it enables us to build a great relationship with each visitor. The VM technology paints a much clearer picture of what each visitor wants than a phone call ever would, because it tracks their decision-making process,” said Brian Lollie, Internet sales and digital marketing director for Savannah Toyota. “This means our engagement is super relevant which leads to a much better consumer experience and, importantly, more car sales. Without question, Gubagoo’s Vehicle Matching has led to an increase in sales at Savannah Toyota.”

About Gubagoo

 Based in West Palm Beach, Florida, and staffed by a team of veteran technologists and innovators in lead conversion, Gubagoo offers revolutionary behavioral engagement and scoring technologies for automotive websites. With a mission to provide a smarter, more cost-effective alternative to the old lead generation model, Gubagoo is the first dealership website solution that successfully makes anonymous traffic identifiable, and converts the 95% of dealer site traffic that traditionally defects. Incorporating smart predictive matching and the best chat technology available - and powered by its proprietary behavioral engagement and scoring engine, ‘B.E.A.S.T.’ - Gubagoo engages new and repeat dealer site visitors with unprecedented relevance. Over 700 dealerships, including some of the nation’s largest dealer groups, as well as OEM-certified programs, already have adopted Gubagoo-powered websites.

Gubagoo-A trusted Provider

Jul 092015

Visit for more information

According to, Gubagoo is a trusted provider program that offers revolutionary behavioral engagement and scoring technologies. And In case you didn’t know, Gubagoo is also the fastest growing chat and website engagement provider for dealerships. With over one thousand dealership sites using ChatSmart, conversion rates have been increasing.

“Gubagoo is a chat solution that proactively engages with site visitors rather than simply interrupting and talking at them. A recent study showed that ChatSmart consistently delivers a 77% chat-to-lead conversion rate,” said Brad Title, CEO of Gubagoo Inc. “We’re thrilled to be selected as a Certified Provider and look forward to providing our solution to their dealer partners.”

TalkSmart is another impressive tool we offer. Just like our recent Facebook status states, “When you think smart you TalkSmart”! This is not only clever but also true. You see TalkSmart is your backup for when you’re not around to answer consumer questions. TalkSmart is available and they are there 24/7/365 days out of the year! Talk about peace of mind knowing that when you’re sleeping your dealership is ceasing every opportunity to convert. Now you can sleep knowing that agents who are experts in the automotive industry are providing accurate information to people visiting your site by phone! These are some of the benefits of TalkSmart:



    • Sales Appointment Scheduling


    • Service Appointment Scheduling


    • Flexible Service 24/7/365

        • Business Hours

        • After hours




    • Hybrid Chat/Call Agents


    • In-Store & BDC Solution


    • Powered by B.E.A.S.T


    • Fully Managed


    • Dynamic Scripting Engine


    • Inventory Feeds Integrated


    • Predictive Vehicle Matching


    • Publisher+ Integrated


    • HTML Email Sent to Shopper Summarizing all Vehicles and Offers on the Fly


    • LEADSMART – Up to 27 Lead Attributes Pushed to Your CRM


    • Pay Only When Used


Gubagoo doesn’t stop there. Going mobile was perhaps the best thing we did. As technology advances so should companies and how they do business and that’s exactly what Gubagoo did. Knowing that this generation and generations to come are using their smart phones more than ever, we decided to Go-Mobile. This tool is usable on all mobile devices! So if one of your visitors has an android or an iPhone they will still be able to communicate with an agent perhaps on their way to your dealership!

If you want to learn more about Gubagoo follow us on Facebook or visit for more information.

See how ?The Rule of 3? can get you more Leads for your Dealership

Jun 172015



Gubagoo believes in the Rule of 3: Identify, engage and convert. This effective method has made a difference in the way the automotive industry generates leads. In the following article you will learn more on how Gubagoo wants to help your car dealership execute each approach into car buying results.


Understanding your shoppers is perhaps the first step. In order to do that, you should know the difference between New vs. Repeat vs. High Frequency Repeat Visitors and New, Used, Finance, Service & Parts Shoppers. As it states on “Different traffic sources are not the only variables when it comes to website visitors, each visitor is unique. Knowing how to interact with them on that basis allows you to improve visitor experiences, increase conversions and improve lead quality”. That is why identifying your web visitors is the number one rule created by Gubagoo. “By making your anonymous traffic identifiable, your website will gain the edge it needs to engage and re-engage shoppers effectively each and every time”.


Rule number two is engaging with your site visitors and because you have identified them, now you can personalize the conversation. Here is some more advice from “Deploy an engagement strategy combining the use of PublisherPlus, ChatSmart, Inventory Plus, ShareNow and more personalized to individual needs and witness the impact this has on both conversions and lead quality. Without the use of behavior targeting tools your website in virtually powerless to convert more traffic”. These tools were designed with the automotive industry in mind, that is why they are so effective when executed properly. You see? “The science behind what we do is knowing whom to engage, how and most importantly, when”. Information truly is power.


Finally, the best part is when you’re able to convert your traffic into quality leads. As I mentioned earlier, Gubagoo was designed with the automotive industry in mind so these tools are not just convenient they actually work helping car dealerships maximize every opportunity possible to gain more sales. Lead intelligence data from BEAST offers the following services to help you succeed:


    • Previous Customer History


    • All Chat Transcripts


    • Predictive Modeling


    • Live Inventory Feed


    • Vehicles of Interest


    • Offers Claimed


    • Local Competitors


Bottom line is you deserve to convert more traffic into leads and leads into sales. So take a look at everything Gubagoo has to offer at and learn more.

Does Live Chat Really Work?

Jun 082015

Does Live Chat Work?


Live Chat Support is a relatively new way to interact with your website visitors. Usually the visitor initiates a chat request by clicking an icon on your website. This article will give you a brief introduction to live chat support and how it works.


Live chat can be used for prospective customers in order to help them with their buying decision or for current customers who need support with a vehicle, service or product they have already bought.


LiveChat is an extremely helpful service for a consumer navigating on any dealership website. Fortunately, LiveChat with Gubagoo is not just a benefit for the visitor but for the dealer as well.


With agents available 24/7 and 365 days out of the year, your conversion rate is bound to increase. LiveChat’s main goal is to assist dealership websites in improving their bottom line.


And in case you weren't aware, Gubagoo is the fastest growing live chat provider in the automotive industry, with the ability to revolutionize a dealers website in order to generate more leads that turn into car sales.


In addition, has a 97% rating from Managers and Internet directors who recommend Live Chat. Results even show that, Gubagoo leads convert into car sales at a 24 to 33%.

LiveChat is a tool that works


“Making Proactive Chat Work” by Forrester Research concluded that:


“44% of online consumers say that having questions answered by a live person while in the middle of an online purchase is one of the most important features a Web site can offer.”


Taking that statement into consideration, Gubagoo prides itself in being experts in the automotive industry and their agents are available to offer only quality service. Thats why hybrid chat and call agents are available immediately at a consumers feet because Gubagoo understands how to operate in a competitive market.


So if your a dealership is looking for exceptional service, Gubagoo is where you will find it.
Increasing website revenue by providing immediate response is a key factor for the success of your business.


So just how significant is LiveChat? Well, recent studies mention that:


“77% of people shopping online would like to make contact with a real person before making a purchase, and over half say that the lack of interaction has caused them not to purchase.”


The automotive industry is an aggressive market and missing opportunities when you don't have to is a choice.


With Gubagoo’s LiveChat service being available outside of regular working hours, you’ll never have to miss out on the chance to convert. Gubagoo agents are trained to proactively assist any visitor on site with the intention of converting shoppers into customers.


Adding live help to your dealership’s website could be what your competitors lack so why not think a step ahead?

Gubagoo wants to handle all your inbound calls


Having a company that will answer all your inbound calls after-hours is another benefit to consider.


Imagine this scenario, a consumer visits your dealers site and suddenly has a question about your online inventory. This consumer was interested in a particular model but couldn't locate some immediate assistance for clarification. Suddenly, the customer loses interest and moves on to another dealer’s site for more options. This is called an unnecessary missed opportunity.


If live help were available the chances of this visitor steering to the next dealership site is less likely. In conclusion, engaging visitors on site leads to higher conversion, customer loyalty and visitors trust.